Homoeopathy is a gentle holistic system of healing, suitable for everyone, young and old. It focuses on treating you as an individual, and your unique set of symptoms. Homoeopathy works on a principle known as ‘like cures like’. This law states that a substance that can cause a disease can also relieve it. For example, chopping onions can cause your nose and eyes to run. The onion - Allium Cepa - can be used homoeopathically to treat colds and hay fever where the main symptoms include runny eyes and nose

Homoeopathy can work alongside allopathic drugs and other treatments.

If your problem is not suited to homoeopathy or needs further investigation, you will be referred back to your GP or other health care provider to arrange an appropriate referral, as long as you provide your permission to do so.

Please visit www.a-r-h.org for more information about homoeopathy